Quiet Time

  • Posted on October 21, 2011 at 1:07 PM

It’s been quiet for me on the creative front. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with Cassis Craft! At last, I have reorganised our front room into a very pleasant functional office for both myself and Greg. I have all my stock in there now instead of in various rooms and my in-law’s house. Greg has his desk in there too now.

The girls, however, had a fabulously creative time during the school holidays recently, being let loose on their craft box. They had some friends over one day too and the four girls had a great time creating all sorts of things. I don’t mind glue and glitter mess at all; with floorboards you can never quite get all the spilt glitter but at least the glue wipes off :)

The friends’ Mum commented that she couldn’t believe that they hadn’t asked to watch the TV in all the time they were crafting. This got me thinking. I couldn’t remember the last time the girls watched TV or a DVD, except for when we were all sick and we weren’t capable of moving or thinking! It’s just not something we do. Even Greg and I don’t watch it very often. I just don’t think there’s much on worth watching! As for children’s shows, well, are there any decent ones for 7 and 5 year olds? They used to watch Play School and some other ABC shows as preschoolers but now that it seems to be a 24 hour channel, it just seems like endless dribble!

Our girls enjoy craft, reading, puzzles, board games, Barbies, cars, Lego and always seem to be busy with each other making up games too. I sometimes wonder if I should suggest the TV or let them on the computer more often.

I love watching them during craft time and being involved. We love discovering what’s still in the box. We work together sometimes. We suggest ideas. We share. We argue! There can be tears. Ah, quiet time!

What do you do for quiet time? What do your kids do? Is there anything decent on TV?!?!

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