Girls’ Christmas Craft

  • Posted on December 24, 2010 at 8:14 AM

We’ve been a little slack with getting our Christmas craft projects done this year :( We seem to have had so much else on but have now managed to get a bit done :)

One of our first projects was wrapping paper. We have a big roll of paper from Ikea that we then stamped. Must remember the Ikea paper is not sticky tape nor corner of present friendly!! But the result is a whole lot of presents under the tree wrapped in lovingly made paper.

Christmas Wrapping

We also had a day of quilling where the girls made (well, Amy did but Sophie was tired and lost interest) cards for their special friends. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of Amy’s finished work for her album but they turned out really well. She did the whole design herself.

I also class cooking as craft, particularly at Christmas when so much is needed! So we have also made 3 puddings and pudding cupcakes, shortbread, chocolate crackles, rocky road and white Christmas. None of my versions of the crackles, rocky road or white Christmas follow the traditional recipes and the additions tend to vary a bit but I think I have finally settled on what will become standard. The chocolate things and puddings will be eaten on Christmas Day (taste testing was, of course, done!) and the shortbread only lasted one afternoon!

But what I have really wanted to do involved lots of glitter and sequins! These were going to be the craft kits I was intending on selling. (Due to not very nice insurance companies, however, these won’t be going ahead. Hmm, I still have a couple of kilos of sequins and glitter! ) Our hallway is now glittered and not really sure how well the vacuum works on fine glitter! Hallway? Yes, it was the only space clear enough!

These are their beautiful, finished pieces. Not quite how I envisaged some of them but we had so much fun! I think I may have a glitter addiction…

Girls' Christmas Ornaments

Merry Christmas!

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