Bamboo Wrap

  • Posted on November 19, 2010 at 4:20 PM

My current crochet project is another project for me! Wow, I must be spoiling myself! I am making myself a light shoulder wrap in black bamboo. I love bamboo for the fact it is a sustainable crop and the resulting yarn (although treated with all sorts of things and is classed as rayon) retains many of its natural properties and is so soft against the skin.

Bamboo Wrap start

This is it so far, not a lot, I know! The main part will continue straight and then it will finish with the triangle shape again. The girls’ ballet classes have finished so that’s an hour and a half a week I won’t have to sit down to work on it now :( Hopefully it will be finished soon as the weather here is crazily cold at the moment and I need something to cover my shoulders when wearing my summer dresses! I just refuse to get winter clothes out in November in Sydney!! I am hoping to finish it with some beads around the outside.

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